Survey: Most Japanese People Think They’re Better Than You


A somewhat disturbing NHK survey of around 3,000 Japanese people found that you’re a useless waste of space and Japanese people are absolutely the best thing since sliced bread.

The survey, which is conducted every five years, asked Japanese respondents how they felt about the statement, “The Japanese are noticeably better than people from other countries.” 68% strongly agreed with the statement, while only 18% agreed that, “Japan has a lot to learn from other countries.”

This was a sharp increase over five years earlier, where only 54% of survey respondents thought Japan is totally the coolest country ever, despite it being before Attack on Titan came out.

Obviously, this survey is just a picture of a particular slice of Japanese people’s attitudes, although at 3,000 people, it’s more comprehensive than a lot of other polls. Anyway, what are your feelings? Are these attitudes misplaced or should we all bow down to our inevitable overlords?

UPDATE: We couldn’t find any studies to directly compare feelings of superiority linked to nationality, but there are a few reasonably similar looks at attitudes in other countries. 48% of Americans, for example, believe that America is the best country on earth (though the question is about nations, not people) and 35% of Britons are “very proud” to be British.


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