Video: Bar Makes Live Advertisements Out Of Drunk People Sleeping on Street

sleeping drunk 2

The prevalence of nomihodai (all you can drink for a set price) combined with a relatively low tolerance for alcohol mean that the streets of major Japanese cities are littered with sleeping drunk salarymen every weekend, and often week nights too.

To tackle this problem, a popular bar chain named Yaocho came up with an ingenious marketing scheme to gain themselves some exposure while shaming people into drinking responsibly. Now let’s forget for a moment that this is a bit like McDonald’s yelling “Hey, fatty fatty!” at its own customers as they leave the store, and enjoy the video below:

The end message of the video is “As honour is paramount in Japan, we decided to shame people into behaving,” but we’d also like to point out we believe it should also be an unlikely source of pride for Japan. Why? Because it shows how safe Japan is: If you passed out drunk on the street of most major cities in the world, there’s a decent chance you would be robbed or worse. And we’re talking from experience for many places…

So we say to Japan be proud of your drunken husks of people, crawling bleary-eyed through their own sick. Put them on your tourism websites and advertisements, shout their blood-alcohol levels from the rooftops and hold their groggy, lolling heads up high for them so the world can see. They are a symbol of Japanese honour, they make us feel safe.

UPDATE: A couple of blogs have cast doubt on the authenticity of the video, suggesting that perhaps the advertising company acted without Yaocho’s involvement and ran the campaign independently, and raising concerns regarding Japan’s privacy laws.


Via: Tokyo Weekender

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