Gallery: The Ultimate Drunken Salaryman Compilation

If you’ve spent more than a day or two in Tokyo, you’ve seen (or been) one of the city’s infamous passed out salarymen. While some companies are taking an actively antagonistic approach to these guys, others are happy to just take in the sights and leave these drunken guys to their devices.

We should note that it’s Tokyo’s safe environment and tolerant attitude that makes passing out on the street possible in the first place, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t entitled to have a laugh at these guys’ expense:

salary15 salary12 salary13 salary19 salary20 salary11 salary6 salary7 salary17 salary18 salary9 salary8 salary16 salary21 salary10 salary4 salary2 salary1 DVC00043.JPG salary5

Via: Izismile

5 thoughts on “Gallery: The Ultimate Drunken Salaryman Compilation

    • A lot of these guys – judging by the fact that they’re wearing suits – are probably coming out of team-building drinking parties or meetings with clients. A lot of Japanese salarymen are extremely dedicated to their work and try their best to match bosses or clients drink for drink. It’s bad form to appear stumbling drunk in front of clients and co-workers so they hold it together until they get on the train and then… this ensues.

  1. I wonder where they’re going in those trains. Often, from what I understand, they head to a capsule or apartment, not to their families in the suburbs — until the weekend comes.

  2. As someone who’s suffered from a drinking problem of my own (but not to this extent [thank God]) I don’t find this in the least amusing.

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