How to Fly on a Pikachu Jumbo Jet

ANA have recently announced their Pokémon-themed travel campaign for 2014, including Pokémon-themed hotel rooms and jumbo jet. More details below for all fans of the cutesy enslavement RPG.

Q: How do you get Pikachu on a plane? A: Poke him on

How do you get Pikachu on a plane?
…Poke him on

The poképlane will fly from Tokyo to Sapporo and back three times a day between July 19th and August 3rd, and make one return trip from Naha to Nagoya on August 30th. Flights will have Pokémon-based in-flight entertainment including a series of Pikachu animated shorts.

For those willing to tolerate a journey full of screaming/crying children in order to be able to occasionally yell “I once flew on a Pokemon plane” at people, here are the exact flight details.

As well as flights, Pokémon-themed hotel rooms are also available. Rooms are decorated with the colourful enslaved beasts and two special challenges await guests:

1. Pokémon Treasure Hunt: Discover the item hidden in your hotel room.

2. Find the smiling Pikachu graphics on your curtains and bedsheets.

Be sure to avoid Primeape if you should come across him in your travels (via: Reddit)

Just pray that you don’t find a Primeape in your room… (via: Reddit)

Finally, here’s ANA’s promotional video (drawn-on Pikachu ears not included in holiday plans):

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