Look at This Insane Display of Japanese Woodworking Prowess

Ryosuke Otake is a 25 year-old woodworking specialist that may just be one of the best in the world, despite his young age. When we saw this fully articulated, completely wooden Spanish lobster that Otake created with nothing but his hands and a set of carving tools, we could hardly believe our eyes. It also made us feel guilty that the greatest thing we’ve ever done with our hands is make macaroni and cheese out of a box.

Otake’s creations are actually a form of semi-lost traditional Japanese decorative art called “Jizai Okimono,” which was previously said to be impossible to make with wood. The art form typically involves making anatomically accurate decorative recreations of various creatures in the wild, although we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a long line of women hoping for Otake to “Carve them like one of his French girls.”

woodwork1 woodwork2 woodwork3 woodwork4

Photos via Otake’s Facebook page.


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