VICE Report: Is the Japanese Government Lying About the Effects of the Fukushima Disaster?

As much as we’d love to do our own hard-hitting investigative journalism from time to time, some guys running a humorous Japan news site from their host families’ sheds simply don’t have the resources or clout to travel far and wide and shout accusations at politicians.

So we sometimes turn to the VICE news organization to tip off our readers to important Japan-related documentaries and news clips the company is working on, since VICE has a lot more investigative journalism cred and a hell of a lot more money than us – even if they did make their initial fortune on videos about licking hallucinogenic frogs or whatever.

Here, VICE correspondent Vikram Gandhi takes a look at the full extent of the Japanese government and TEPCO’s efforts to mislead the public about the true effects of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster. Parts of the video kind of just reaffirm what we’d already expected, while other parts get downright disturbing in their implications:

(Nobody tell Gawker they mispronounced literally every Japanese person’s name in this entire story.)

It’s important to note that, as Gandhi points out in this second video, the science community is surprisingly split on the long-term and even, sometimes, immediate effects of radiation exposure (other than, “swimming in it will kill you,” and, “Bananas seem legit.”), so, while TEPCO is clearly up to no good here, how much that actually matters to you is sort of a personal judgment call.

For what it’s worth, Gandhi appears to be alive and well after visiting the Dai-ichi reactor… And we think he already had that mutant beard to begin with.

(Note: since the original documentary aired on HBO, there’s a possibility the first video will be taken down sometime due to copyright claims. If the video doesn’t work, please let us know and we’ll either find a new link or just badly re-enact the entire clip with sock puppets.)

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