Japan Can’t Stop Talking About Soccer Star Keisuke Honda’s Crazy New Eyes

If this is the first World Cup you’ve ever tuned in to, you might have caught the recent Japan v. Ivory Coast game just in time to catch a glimpse of a wild-eyed Keisuke Honda celebrating his beautiful first-half goal and assumed that snorting massive amounts of coke is just how Honda gets in the game.

While that may or may not be the case for this World Cup, Honda hasn’t always looked like that. The soccer star’s sudden change in appearance – namely from handsome team boy scout to crazy-eyed potential team psychopath – is a big topic of speculation in Japanese media and on the Web.

Honda showed up for the World Cup this year looking noticeably haggard, with deep, dark circles under his eyes, which themselves had taken on a slightly bulgy appearance, while many swear they’ve additionally seen the midfielder’s eyes move in opposite directions in recent game footage.

ScreenHunter_274 Jun. 17 17.52

The media is lousy with theories, including some outlets who speculate a number of somewhat serious autoimmune diseases, perhaps most sensationally Guillain–Barré syndrome – a stretch, if we do say so ourselves, as that condition would most likely have required Honda to be scoring goals from a rocket-powered hospital bed.

In reality, the most probable explanation is a botched LASIK eye surgery. A Japanese LASIK specialist consulted by Business Journal told the paper that vision over-correction via LASIK surgery can cause dark circles under the eyes and abnormal eyelid behavior, as well as presumably Cyclops-like laser eye beams. Ironically, Honda actually penned a deal to appear as his Shinjuku LASIK clinic’s official spokesperson.

Honda before and after.

Honda before and after.

So, if you should happen to catch a glimpse of Honda during the World Cup this year, fret not: He really is one of Japan’s star players and not just some drug addled fan that snuck onto the field.

Via Naver Matome

Images via Youtube

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