Awesome Shibe Doge Saves Boy from Bear Attack

A five-year-old Akita boy’s life may have been saved by his heroic pet shiba inu when a bear attacked the boy but was subsequently chased off by the dog, which supposedly barked “unusually loudly,” summoning some type of super bark it didn’t know it had in him, and thus completing his classic hero’s journey story arc.

(Via Reddit)

(Via Reddit)


Unfortunately, the bear did manage to get a few scratches in on the boy, but his injuries weren’t serious.

Bears are a frequent sight in parts of Japan and bear attacks aren’t terribly uncommon. Many hobbyist hikers attach bells to their clothes, the soothing jingling sound of which bears apparently find just awful. From now on, though, we’ll be hiking in suits made of dozens of live shiba inu strung together.

 Feature photo via Shutterstock

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