Video: Japanese English Students Learning to Use the F-Word

We recently posted about the Japanese book How to Use Fuck Correctly: 99 Phrases Using Fuck, Shit, Damn, and Hell that Schools Won’t Teach You that Should be Used with Care, a handy little page-turner with illustrated explanations of swear words such as the following:

are you fucking with me

The publication quickly found a fan in YouTuber Abroad in Japan, who points out that English textbooks never touch upon coarser language despite being commonplace in movies and television, and decided to film some friends using the book to learn phrases. After ordering four copies of the book from Amazon he says, “Off I went to hand out copies and educate the people of Japan like some kind of unrelenting swear-word missionary.”

We can’t decide which of the “students” included are our favourite, the studious older man who reads with a slow curiousity, the two giggling men who are clearly delighted by the contents of the book, or the very innocent-seeming girl who practices the phrases “You will shit a brick” and “The shit” without a trace of emotion.

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