This Mascot is Evidence that “Yurukyara” can Only Go Downhill from Here

Oarai, a small town on the coast of Ibaraki, apparently was in a hurry to get its own “Yurukyara” out the door before the fad fell out of favor, quickly coming up with this monstrosity that might indicate that the whole Yurukyara thing has officially jumped the shark:

ScreenHunter_291 Jul. 01 21.23


The character, which at first glance appears to be infested with geoducks, is actually supposed to be a ball of shirasu – a tiny, sardine-like fish often served boiled or fried over rice in Japan.

Of course, Araippe comes with a backstory: It apparently washed up on the rocky beaches of Ibaraki, listless and sad until a group of fishermen picked him up, nursed him back to health and then presumably promptly attempted to eat him. So many of these Yurukyara stories end in people nonchalantly trying to consume the character, we’re not sure whether to be disturbed by the implications or relieved that they all somehow managed to escape and find stardom.

ScreenHunter_293 Jul. 01 21.24

Also, single guys, pay attention to this following video: Turns out all you need to do to get near some beautiful ladies is to dress up like a ball of sea detritus and dance around for a few minutes.

ScreenHunter_290 Jul. 01 21.23


Screencaps via YouTube


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