Woman Buys Old Building, Discovers Entire 90’s Arcade

When you move into a new place you sometimes expect to inherit a few things belonging to the previous owner, but one elderly Japanese woman discovered more than just a few old cassettes and a pair of bent clothes hangers. Upon inspecting an old building in Chiba she’d recently purchased, she discovered an entire two floors of 1990’s arcade machines.


We know about the find because her granddaughter’s boyfriend, who no doubt offered to “get rid of them” for her, posted about the haul on an Arcade Otaku forum. He says he’ll be shipping some of the machines to America and is offering to sell them to anybody interested.

What hasn’t been explained is how they ended up being completely forgotten about, besides the fact that the first two floors of the building were an arcade up until the early 90’s. Gizmodo speculate that the original owner has been beamed inside one of the machines Tron-style and never returned.

forgotten_arcade 5


forgotten_arcade 6

forgotten_arcade 3

forgotten_arcade 4

See the full 167-image gallery here


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