Rare Japanese Giant Salamander Caught on Video

A Japanese Netizen was entirely too nonchalant when he came across a rare and horrifying Japanese giant salamander wandering its way along a street in Kyoto, probably on its way to an elementary school playground buffet of children. The original poster of the below video was apparently on his way to school when he came across the hellspawn, so he alerted police and went on his way.

The police, instead of wisely contacting an exorcist immediately, corralled the aquatic animal and managed to get it to re-enter the water in a less populated area upstream.


Although certainly ferocious in appearance, you need not fear for you life if you ever come across one of these critters; the terrifyingly huge salamanders feed primarily on insects, frogs, fish, the smell of fear and the nightmares of small children, but have not been known to actually consume human flesh. However, its huge jaws can deliver a powerful bite, so if you do happen upon one, it’s best to poke it with a large stick instead of with your finger (Just kidding. We do not endorse annoying dangerous animals).

Interestingly, as the monstrous creature – though rarely sighted – is native to the numerous cool-water streams that zigzag all across mainland Japan, it’s a perfect candidate for the original inspiration behind the mythical Yokaithe Kappa, which is rumored to occasionally indulge in the sweet, succulent meat of irresponsible children.

Via: Twitter, YouTube


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