Insane Bonsai Tree Art is Just the Greatest

Sometimes, during the TokyoDesu staff’s nightly penis joke and gotcha headline brainstorming sessions, a story (usually filled with pictures because who has time for words?) comes along that is so damn stunning that we are only capable of writing a boring headline like the one above. It also doesn’t hurt that Beer O’ Clock comes around that much faster.

These insanely gorgeous, fantasy-inspired bonsai tree sculptures certainly left us speechless, in addition to giving us an urge to marathon the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


The trees are the product of Takanori Aiba’s child-like (in a good way!) imagination. Aiba was actually the designer of the famous Akasaka Ninja restaurant, which features elaborate designs and working trapdoors that wait staff use to get around and scare the pants off of diners.

He’s also – honestly – a former maze illustrator, which is a job title we both just learned existed and wish we had.

aiba1 aiba6 aiba8 aiba2 aiba5 aiba4 aiba3

Via Aiba’s official profile


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