Pictures: Japanese Artist Sends Plants Into Space, Captures Majestic Images

With the help of JP Aerospace, an American volunteer-based organisation that constructs and sends objects in to outer space, a Japanese artist named Azuma Makoto was able to capture these surreal pictures of plants suspended in space.

Two devices were sent into the stratosphere from a launch site in Nevada, each with six GoPro cameras attached. One contained a 50-year-old pine bonsai tree that was flown in from Tokyo and the other held an assortment of the most colourful flowers from around the world. The bonsai tree made it to an altitude of 27,981 metres (91,800 feet) before the helium balloon carrying it burst, and the bouquet reached 26,518 metres (87,000 feet).

We’re now off to Google how people can join this organisation that launches things into space.

bonsai in space 1


bonsai in space 2

bonsai in space

plants in space 4

plants in space 2

plants in space 1

For the full gallery, click here

Via: The New York Times

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