Ferrari Designer’s New JR Train is the Ludicrous Height of Luxury

If you’re the type of rich person that likes to travel but not enough to leave your ridiculously luxurious mansion home, JR East may have the perfect mode of transportation for you to get from extravagant point A to extravagant point B with their proposed new luxury train liner designed by famed Ferrari designer Ken Okuyama.


Okuyama’s new train plans definitely channel Ferrari, with a sleek look and tons of windows. The train also appears to contain individual hotel room-esque suites because apparently rich people love nothing more than the feeling of always being no more than a few feet away from a king-size bed.

While it’s too early to call – the train won’t be completed until 2017 at the earliest – it goes without saying that a ride on this luxury sleeper train will most likely run in the thousands of U.S. dollars. It’s also not entirely clear what route the train will run on, but since it’s equipped with beds and other amenities, it’s fair to say it will be a special rapid that runs between Tokyo and some far-flung destination.

train3 train2 train1

Via JR East press release

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