Video: Nara’s Famous Wild Deer Overrun Town Streets, Sidewalks

ScreenHunter_305 Jul. 26 21.44

There’s a reason the saying “a deer in headlights” exists: Deer, when confronted on their own, tend to react pretty distinctly with one or the other extreme of the “get the hell out of there” or “freeze and stare blankly at oncoming danger” spectrum of animal instinct.

But, what only people from Ohio and the citizens of Nara, Japan may know is that when deer gather in groups of three or more, they instantly become awful creatures that could not give one single fuck about cars, pedestrians or human laws. They just loiter around glaring at you like a clique of asshole high school kids. All they’re missing is the leather jackets.

The citizens of Nara know this firsthand because, apparently, for a short span of time every summer, the usually docile and disorganized wild deer that roam the town form up in a giant cluster and just lounge around in the road and on the sidewalk, completely blocking everything. The people of Nara, knowing better than to mess with the deer, seem to have accepted that for a few weeks out of the year, their city belongs to a bunch of ruminants.

Some people supposedly believe the deer are trying to keep cool during Japan’s ludicrously hot summer, but that doesn’t make any damn sense because, have you ever tried walking barefoot on asphalt? Most likely, it’s either a deer singles meetup or they’re scoping out the humans for possible weaknesses.

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