True to Title, “Love Japan” Video will Make You Fall in Love with Japan

It’s hard to put into words that ephemeral, electric feeling you get when you first come to Japan. We’ve tried, but can’t. Fortunately, South Australia based filmmaker David Anthony Parkinson recently visited Japan with his girlfriend and his images portray this sensation rather expertly. Set to Message To Bears’ time-stopping remix of Bon Iver’s Holocene, Parkinson’s film is an evocative, slow-motion love letter to Japan.

Through halls of neon lights, Geisha, trains with actual legroom and bars with Shochu that’ll burn your throat and possibly your soul, Parkison takes us on an intimate voyage through Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido. Somewhere amidst these images, there’s the sense of Parkinson as a cosmic observer; not judging but simply seeing, cataloging gifts bestowed to anyone who comes here with an open heart.

For more information on David Anthony Parkinson visit:

Lately it seems visitors to Japan are capturing beautiful, hidden facets of this place in glorious HD, as we also saw in Lukas Backland’s Tokyo video. We hope they’ll keep doing so!

(Editor’s note: The author of this piece was promptly fired for failing to include even one single dick joke.)

12 thoughts on “True to Title, “Love Japan” Video will Make You Fall in Love with Japan

  1. My Japanese girlfriend just had her husband send me this video, saying it was “me”. Yes, this film is me and it tears to my eyes. Thank you, this film is just perfect.

  2. I share your love for this country. It totally captured the beauty of Japan. Would have been awesome to add more food shots too! =)

  3. I live in Japan and this is glorified hipster bullshit. Shoot some real footage next time not stylised bullshit, its much more interesting.

    • I live in Japan and I would disagree too, but I believe this video was filming the “beautiful” side of Japan. 日本最高!

    • How is it glorified hipster bullshit? What does that even mean? The video is beautifully made and It’s had over a million views so I think they’ve done a great job.

  4. I just watched the Love Japan Video, I would love to know more about the music in the video, and where I can hear it again. Thank you.
    Sue Simmons

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