Morbid Yahoo! Ending Lets you E-Mail from the Grave

It’s pretty tough to fake your own death. Especially in the social media age, you’d need to pretty much cut off all contact with everyone, flee whatever country you’re living in and preferably bribe a local newspaper’s obituary writer to whip up something about how all the ladies in town will miss your legendary sexual prowess now that you’re gone.

But it’s something else entirely to actually be dead and convince everyone you’re alive. It’s like Weekend at Bernie’s, except you’ve got to do it all on your own without your wacky friends.

Now that Yahoo! Japan has introduced its fittingly-named Yahoo! Ending, however, faking your aliveness just became a little easier.

Sure, Yahoo! Ending is actually intended as a service that sends a pre-written parting message to loved ones via E-mail after you’ve died, but you could just as easily make your beyond-the-grave message something like, “Raging party over at Rick’s place! Everybody’s invited!” to simultaneously piss off your friend Rick and punk all your loved ones into thinking you’re still alive.

There are various other bonuses, like a virtual memorial in your name and an optional (extra cost, of course) funeral service. You’ll incur an ongoing fee of around 180 yen just to keep your message in Yahoo!’s database, so be sure you’re fairly certain you’re going to die soon before you sign up.

Despite all of our insensitive jokes, Yahoo!’s service could provide much-needed condolence to people who have lost someone suddenly or unexpectedly and proves that the Internet actually can be used for good sometimes.

Via VentureBeat

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