In Japan, You Can Buy Cigarettes from a Shibe Doge

Much sick of Shibe Doge meme, so fail to resist mentioning it anyway.


So, we actually showed you a photo of this talented doge salesman on our Facebook page back when we thought it was a one-off thing – a random, well-timed snapshot – but it turns out the Shibe is a major draw for local customers looking to get their tobacco fix from a canine.

Oddly, the dog appears to suffer worse conditions than a standard wage slave, as it works for nothing but the occasional cucumber, and, according to this video, owner and customers alike only refer to it as “Dog” or “The Shibe.”

That’s a crappy deal for an animal that’s actually learned to open the cigarette vendor’s window on its own when customers ring the service bell, which is actually better than most American McDonald’s employees can do.


doge5 doge2

If you’re wondering where you can see Dog and get a nice, healthy shot of nicotine while you’re at it, the tiny cigarette vendor, which is built into someone’s residence – a common setup in Japan – can be found in downtown Tokyo at Musashi Koganei station in the west part of the city proper.

Kudos to Buzzfeed, by the way, for amending their story about Dog to reflect that Dog is actually partial to cucumbers and not zucchinis. Journalistic integrity at its finest.

doge4 doge3

Via Buzzfeed

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