Keep Cool This Summer With Meat Encased in Blocks of Collagen Jelly

One of Japan’s most popular summer eats is yakitori, all kinds of meat grilled on short skewers, but when it’s a humid 35 degrees Celsius out sometimes the idea of eating hot food is about as appetising as McDonald’s tofu nuggets. This year one Tokyo restaurant has stepped in to solve the age-old summer yakitori conundrum.

cool_yakitori 2

Zenyaren already offer a wide range of meat skewers at their location in Otemachi district’s Sankei building, but for a limited time they’re also going to sell “Cool Yakitori,” meat skewers kept at a low temperature with a collagen jelly encasement.


Up to 20 two-skewer sets will be available for ¥390 each day, each one consisting of  tsukune (chicken meatballs) and kashiri (pork cheek). Thankfully, Zenyaren aren’t touting the cosmetics industry’s questionable boasts of collagen’s health benefits, choosing instead to market them solely on the fact that it’s summer and they’re served cold. And, of course, the fact that they’re a novelty, which is a pretty good guarantee of short-term success in Japan.

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