Restaurant Owner Claims Obama Only Ate Half of that World Famous Sushi


After several months of debate, the Japanese media apparently still can’t reach a solid conclusion about whether or not American president Barack Obama actually ate all of that world famous sushi during his visit to Sukiyabashi Jiro – a sushi joint widely regarded as the best one in all the world, mostly by virtue of it being in a dirty basement and having an ornery owner, two super hipster traits food guides give automatic points for.

According to supposed eyewitness accounts given by an especially nosy yakitori restaurant owner a few doors down from the renowned sushi-ya, Obama finished only half of the sushi served to him before laying his chopsticks down.

"He just dropped a single grain of rice, too! Call the New York Times!" (Via Shutterstock)

“He just dropped a single grain of rice, too! Call the New York Times!”
(Via Shutterstock)

Given that the only item on the menu at Sukiyabashi Jiro is a 20-piece course that many don’t even find filling, and that said course comes at prices that even the leader of the free world would balk at, it’s hard to believe the president would willingly decline to finish his meal unless he has a serious aversion to fish or the yakitori restaurant owner is embellishing his story.

At least a few Japanese media sources are speculating that Obama just can’t stomach sushi and much prefers hamburgers, a hypothesis that would seem slightly on the racist and sensational side if Obama didn’t have a well-documented penchant for the all-American barbecue staple.

Whether the yakitori joint’s owner was telling the truth or not will have to wait until President Obama produces a signed certificate that he finished his meal – which, if he did finish it, he was certainly sure to procure given his lengthy experience with incredulous political opponents.

Via Livedoor News 

Feature Image Via Shutterstock

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