Apply for a Job as a Part-Time Pop Idol With AKB48

It’s the summer holidays for most students in Japan and many will be applying for part-time jobs as izakaya servers, conbini staff… and pop stars.

akb part time

Popular girl group/monetised cult AKB48 are recruiting part-time members to work at live concerts, fan meet and greets, TV shows and commericals.

The scheme “Baito AKB” (part-time AKB) pays ¥1,000 ($10) an hour and candidates have been applying at the job search site Baitoru since 9pm on Sunday. After screening and two auditions, the “winners” will be named in September. It’s not yet been mentioned if part-timers will have to follow the same creepy – not to mention legally questionable – abstinence rules that full time members have to abide by.

Below you can watch the commercial, featuring a few of the girls recklessly flouting the Cool Biz rules with lego ties:

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