Another Pop Star Inadvertently Fans Flames of Deteriorating Japan-Korea Relations

“Pop Star” Lady Gaga is causing outrage on the more conservative corners of the Japanese Internet for her seemingly innocuous choice of dress during a recent Japan visit.

Even if you hadn’t read the headline before jumping into this story (which would kind of be a remarkable feat), we’ll bet intuitive readers still would already be guessing it has something to do with Korea.

And you’d be right! Gaga wore a typically crazy outfit that had the word “color” printed on it in Korean characters, drawing the ire of filthy Japanese 4chan forerunner 2chan and its many conservative-leaning commenters.


The nastiest comments from 2chan and other forum users included calling the choice of outfit a form of hate speech, and pointing to it as proof that westerners think all Asians look the same. Another no-doubt delightful human being who must be great at parties said, “There’s a non-human language on her shirt.”

The Korea-Japan mutual resentment thing isn’t something we’re going to debate here, but we thought it might be fun to take the time to point out all of Lady Gaga’s other faux pas going on in this outfit of hers:


Also note the photo was taken in *shudder*… Roppongi.

Via Torosoku

Photos via Lady Gaga Instagram

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