Hello Kitty is Now in Space, In Addition to Literally Everywhere Else

A pretty long while back, when the TokyoDesu crew still thought the Yakuza would disappear us long before this site ever became much of anything, we wrote about how Hello Kitty is kind of… well, a little promiscuous.

By that we mean, Sanrio is willing to slap Hello Kitty’s likeness on just about anything if the money is right, which has led to a situation where you can’t really walk five feet down the road – especially in Japan but equally so in some other countries – without seeing her soulless gaze staring back at you.

And, for those that have decided they just can’t take the Kitty anymore and are planning on catching the first Space X civilian flight off this wretched planet, we have bad news for you: Hello Kitty is now in space, too.

ScreenHunter_32 Aug. 17 20.53

Sanrio has included a small Hello Kitty figure placed on the inner windowsill of the Hodoyoshi-3 satellite, which is currently orbiting the earth – which means Hello Kitty might have a visual on you at this very moment, no matter where you are.

Hello Kitty fans, according to Sanrio, can send the cat well wishes on her journey to be broadcast on a live feed of her window perch, or just try to sneak a knob gag through the no-doubt non-native English censors for all the world to see.

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