Now You Can Touch a Famous Anime Character’s Neck Fat in Real Life

For all you anime lovers out there, you may have had moments while watching your favorite anime where you saw a famous character with a disproportionate figure and wished you could just touch the character’s big, squishy, sexy… Neck fat.

ScreenHunter_37 Aug. 22 20.35


Anzai Sensei – the famous basketball coach from the equally famous basketball anime and manga series, Slam Dunk, is apparently  now available as an interactive bust that will be making the rounds at Animate locations Japan-wide.

Animate, for those not nerdy enough to be in the know, is an exclusive chain of anime and manga specialty retailers where you can not only try on your favorite anime schoolgirl cosplay outfit, but can now, for some reason, touch the neck fat of a high school basketball coach while dressed like a schoolgirl. We’re sure there’s niche porn out there somewhere for this specific situation.

ScreenHunter_38 Aug. 22 20.36

Awesomely – or disturbingly, depending on how into neck fat you are – Anzai Sensei’s bust also comes with a digital counter that records the number of times people have poked, prodded or otherwise fondled his neck fat.

No word yet on whether Anzai Sensei’s bust will feature realistic neck cheese smell or not.

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