Videos: Pizza Hut Advertises With Store Staffed by Incompetent Cats

It’s no secret that Japan likes cats, the nation of Hello Kitty and maneki-neko is pretty much obsessed with the selfish yet loveable little furballs. In Koenji, one of our favourite areas of Tokyo, the small locally-produced guide book devotes two entire pages to a cat tour of the area – featuring 11 cat-related activities.

Pizza Hut, which has a fairly large presence in Japan, has decided to follow the Sushi Cats lead by utilising this adoration for marketing purposes with Pizza Cat! Store, a Pizza Hut run entirely by feline staff:

One advert wasn’t considered enough though, regardless of how brilliant it was. A series of 11 clips showing the “employees” facing various professional difficulties have now been released and it’s honestly worth watching them all.

After each advert ends with a girl shouting “Piza katto” – which, you may be shocked to learn, translates to “Pizza Cat” – we’re left to contemplate the underlying message beneath each short. Disappointingly, the official YouTube page makes the disclaimer that “Pizza Cat! Store is a fictional store.


 Via: Adweek

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