Anime and Video Game-Inspired Candy Art are Brilliant, Adorable

If you were to try and make a work of art out of Western sweets – let’s say donuts – you’d probably end up with a random pile of sugary clumps resembling a bunch of used tires or something. Western sweets just aren’t pliable enough to lend themselves to artistic pursuits.

But, in Japan, sweets commonly consist of pliable materials like pounded rice and sweet bean paste, which are almost clay-like in consistency. Sure, clay-like isn’t really the kind of description you want to hear about something you put in your mouth, but trust us that Japanese wagashi are delicious – in addition to being attractive to the eye with the right coaxing.

Case in point, these adorable, technically brilliant wagashi sculptures from confectioner Otakumi:

a14 a13 a17 a18 a20 a15 a19 a7 a11 a6 a16 a8 a9 a10 a3 a4 a1 a2 a5

Via Twitter

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