Yes, This “Wearable Futon” Exists. Yes, You want it.

The futon is one of those majestic Japanese things that non-Japanese occasionally get confused about: Is it the cushy pad you roll out on the floor and use to sleep separately from your spouse, or is it the shoddy pull-out couch that you buy from Ikea because you urgently need a back injury so you can call off of work?

Well, turns out there’s something kind of in between: The “Wearable Futon,” which is equal parts passe pull-out couch, Japanese ingenuity, and sheer embarrassment.


Sold by King Jim, the Wearable Futon runs about 4,500 yen and has separated legs, so not only can you use it to take a nap wherever you damn well please at any time, but you can also be a hit at parties by telling everyone you just got back from the moon.


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