Pictures: We Visited Tokyo’s Pokémon Cafe (and Pokemon Exhibition)

The Pokémon exhibition and cafe was held on the 52nd floor of Roppongi’s Mori Tower, the 5th tallest building in Tokyo at 238m (781ft). Today (August 30th, 2014) is its final day.

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures by Tokyo Desu. Click to enlarge

The Mori Tower (pic' Wikimedia Commons)

The Mori Tower (pic: Wikimedia Commons)

Ash Ketchum was on hand to greet visitors at the entrance


The view from the 52nd floor, which is also an observation deck, was a little foggy but Tokyo Tower could be seen clearly


Giant inflatables like this Pikachu hung from the ceiling


One glass cabinet displayed Poképlanes, which are actual planes that can be flown on in Japan


We solved this maze way quicker than the toddler that entered at the same time as us


Lots of Pokémon art was on display


The exhibition eventually reached the Pokémon Cafe. In typical Japanese style, food tickets were bought from a vending machine and handed in at the register


The view from the tables wasn’t bad


The chefs prepared Pikachu burgers, Pikachu rice balls, Pikachu curry buns and more


And it all looked amazing


Perhaps surprisingly, the visitors were predominantly female. This was possibly the one place in the world where your hard-earned Pokémon master status might actually impress cute girls (though probably not…).


Here’s some close-ups of the food. We probably don’t need to point out the inappropriate placing of chocolate on the Pikachu-butt curry bun.

IMG_0664-1 IMG_0660-1 IMG_0655-1

As always, you had to exit through the gift shop, which sold hundreds of colourful plush toys


And Pokéballs to catch them in



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