Video: Master Swordsman Slices Flying Fruit in Mid-air… to Promote Toaster Strudels

Master swordsman Isao Machii, apparently with no real enemies on earth left with the skill to challenge him, has been brought to advertising fruit-filled breakfast pastries – Toaster Strudels – for money.

Machii practices the ancient art of Iaido. Despite the non-threatening, jumble of vowels name, Iaido is an ancient form of swordplay that demands incredible discipline. Seriously, we’re told you don’t even start swinging the sword around until advanced levels, after you’ve learned proper drawing and sheathing. And here we can’t even hold an umbrella for 30 seconds without pretending it’s a shotgun.

Anyway, if you’re still not convinced of Isao’s skills, you can watch this (possibly somewhat embellished) video of him slicing a BB gun pellet in half:

H/T: Sploid

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