Most of Yoyogi Park Closed Due to Dengue Fever Outbreak

Tokyo’s mosquitoes are ruining summer even more than usual this year, with 49 people diagnosed with dengue fever in its first domestic outbreak since 1949. Though the patients come from 11 different prefectures, one thing they have in common is that they have recently spent time in or near Yoyogi Park.


Yoyogi Park

Government officials are running tests on mosquitoes collected in the park but have so far found no traces of the virus. The northern section of the 540,529 square-metre park has been closed as a precaution, meaning everyone will have to find somewhere else to drink outdoors for the rest of summer. Much like Yuigahama Beach’s increased popularity since Zushi Beach banned music, alcohol and tattoos, expect places like Kichijoji’s Inokashira park to suddenly become far more crowded.

Dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes (it can’t be passed on person-to-person), resulting in a fever, headache, muscle pains and a rash. If you develop those symptoms seek medical advice immediately. You should also probably avoid the vicinity of Yoyogi Park for a while, no matter how much you want to watch dogs riding skateboards and the jarringly earnest dancing of middle-aged men sporting leather jackets and giant quiffs.

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