Adult Goods Purveyor Offers Masturbatory Tools for Volunteer Service

The environmental group Umi Sakura and adult goods purveyor Tenga have apparently teamed up to give volunteer workers masturbation aids in exchange for time spent cleaning up one of Japan’s most notoriously filthy beaches.

Supposedly, those 18 and over who volunteer to help clean the beaches around Kanagawa’s Enoshima area will receive one masturbation aid per full bag of trash picked up off of the beaches’ shores.


The first bag of collected trash will apparently gain you a Tenga Egg – an object described as a “sheath” that fits over man parts and, people tell us, feels great. We wouldn’t know. We have girlfriends and stuff. You probably wouldn’t know them. They’re from Canada.

Something called a Pocket Tenga, which we swear we know nothing about, will be awarded for each additional bag of trash collected.


Via Umi Sakura

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