This Blue Burger is a Thing You Can Eat (But Probably Shouldn’t)

Orbi Yokohama, a science museum based in – you guessed it – Yokohama, is apparently conducting a science experiment concerning how disgusting they can make a food item look and still have people eat it.

blue1 blue2

Details are slim, but this burger appears to be a Tatsuta Chicken burger – a fried chicken recipe with a soy based sauce that’s often served additionally smothered in tartar sauce. There’s a map of some part of the Earth printed on it to give it an extra science-y vibe, and as you can see, the bun is otherwise blue because nothing gets your appetite going like food stained a freakish, unnatural color.

This burger is just one in a growing trend of bizarre junk foods popular in Japan, because the Japanese apparently want to cut loose after centuries of healthy eating.

Via Yokohama Keizai Shinbun

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