Pokemon Trainer Storms White House, Fails to Capture President in a Pokeball

We know we’re a little late to the game in reporting this one and the Japan connection is tenuous at best, but sometimes we stumble across some foreign news that’s too funny to pass up.

A man who can only be described as a Pokemon trainer briefly stormed the White House lawn last Thursday before being subdued by security.

The trainer was dressed in an outfit slightly resembling something an aspiring Pokemon master from the anime series might be depicted with, but topped it off with a hilarious Pikachu hat. The reasons the trainer, who jumped the fence (which honestly probably ought to be a little taller) and into the White House lawn, attempted the infiltration are still unreported but we think we can all agree the kid was packing Pokeballs and was hoping to snag President Barack Obama himself in one.

Sadly, instead of deploying their own Pokemon to battle the kid’s best monsters as is tradition, Security just tackled and cuffed him, then put the white house on lockdown for a few hours in case Team Rocket showed up with the same idea.

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