Video: Watch this Japanese Politician Literally Run Away from Tough Press Questions

In politics and the press, there’s “dodging the issue” and then there is, apparently, literally running away from the issue at a full sprint.

ScreenHunter_58 Sep. 23 13.15

That’s the latest tactic at least one Japanese politician is resorting to, anyway. When confronted by press about misappropriation of political funds, Hyogo Prefectural Assembly member Hideo Iwatani decides to forego the veiled excuses, outright lies or verbal gymnastics most politicians employ and instead just takes off running.

The resulting footage looks hilariously like Iwatani is attempting to escape a camera-equipped zombie horde.

Despite his efforts, press did eventually catch up with Iwatani; Probably because he forgot to use the old, “Hey! What’s that over there?” trick to draw their attention.

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