Nothing in the Pantry? Just Fry up Some Leaves, Why Not?

We’re not sure whether this is supposed to be the ultimate vegetarian grub or gourmet cow food.

Minoo City, near Osaka, is this year revisiting an old tradition of frying up fallen maple leaves (known as momiji) and serving them to a hungry public at festivals and fairs as fall approaches.


The fried leaves are actually first preserved in a salt concoction for around a year and then fried in a sweet – often appropriately maple-flavored – batter. Of course, since the autumn leaves are only ripe for harvesting (read: dead and lying on the ground) around October-November, you’ll have to hurry for your chance to try them while they’re still in season.


Or you could just pick up the grass shavings after you mow your lawn and throw them in a deep fryer. It’s probably all the same, honestly.

Photos via ekiblo, Tabelog


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