Human-Shaming Bandages Heal Physical – but Not Emotional – Wounds from Your Cat

In a genius marketing move we’re surprised wasn’t thought of thousands of years ago when humans first learned the hard way that cats don’t really want anything to do with us (Wait… You say we still haven’t?), a cat lover’s information site from Japan has kickstarted these clever bandages intended specifically to cover cat scratch wounds.

Thankfully bereft of any “Cat Scratch Fever” puns, the bandages come adorned with human-shaming messages from our kitty overlords:

“I did it…. What’s your point?”



“These claws are nice and sharp now.”




“Looks like something scratched you…”




“Forgive me… Or else.”



“I did it. What are you gonna do about it?”


These are somewhat roughly translated, of course – We’re still beginner speakers of Cat, after all. If you like the bandages, you can try to beg for English versions over at Felissimo Nekobu’s website.

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