Coffee-making Robot’s Movements are Weirdly Unsettling

Here’s a video of a robot that makes coffee. While it doesn’t look all that impressive at first glance, it is incredibly unsettling.

In reality, it ought to be both, because the robot uses incredibly sophisticated technology and A.I.

It’s just that, well… it’s so damn weird about it. From the very beginning, when the robot looks down at the sugar and coffee stirs as though it’s either pondering how best to mimic human actions or is sighing a long robot sigh at the prospect of living a life fulfilling the whims of those despicable human fleshbags, to the coffee creation process where the robot’s crazily spinning arms, incredible accuracy and jittery pauses all throw the whole thing immediately into the uncanny valley.

There’s also the fact that, despite it being obvious the manufacturer has taken efforts to make the robot look more human and less assembly line machinery, they still gave him clamps instead of fingers and a weird clamp-mounted spotlight – the better to hunt down human flesh bags who refuse to tip their robot barista.

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