Free Chicken Nuggets & All-you-can-eat Pancakes Set to Clog Arteries Nationwide

In wonderful news for people, but terrible news for arteries, two of Japan’s biggest fast food restaurants are practically forcing us to binge eat with new deals. We really don’t have a choice in this.


Don’t worry – they’re chicken, not tofu

McDonald’s Japan are still trying to recover from the tainted meat scandal which they previously sought to rectify with tofu nuggets, but this time by giving away chicken nuggets with every item bought. The deal lasts until New Year’s Eve, by which point McDonald’s presumably hopes you’ll have eaten so many free nuggets that you won’t see the harm in buying some more, even if you are concerned about sourcing issues.

pancake buffet


Once you’ve eaten your free nuggets, you’ll probably want a banquet of pancakes for dessert. Thankfully Denny’s are now offering all-you-can eat pancakes between 2-6pm for ¥999. You’ll also get a drink of your choice and a large dollop of post-gorge shame to wash them down with. Just how you like it.

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