Exhaustive Survey Asks Japanese People to Describe their Poo in Horrifying Detail


When you think potato chips and other junk food, do you also immediately think about the terrible bowel movements you’ll be having shortly after eating them?

Well, apparently this is what top Japanese snack manufacturer Glico would like you to associate their snacks with from now on, as the company has, for some reason, recently released the results of an exhaustive survey of 5,000 Japanese men and women that asked volunteers to describe their frequency of bowel movements and even the smell, shape and color of their doo-doo.

Unsurprisingly, 71.5% of those who responded to the survey said their poo “has a smell,” while a shockingly low 8.2% said their poo “smells bad;” indicating to us that either the Japanese tend to have incredibly healthy bowels, or a few too many of them kind of enjoy their own, er… aroma.

65.1% surveyed described their ordinary bowel movement as “just the right softness, with a banana shape,” (and here we thought a smiley-faced coil was considered the norm in Japan), while .3% (15 people) described theirs as “basically liquid all the time.” We hope the surveyors told these people to seek medical help immediately and stop eating Glico snacks for every meal.

(Presumably from a Japanese medical textbook.)

(Presumably from a Japanese medical textbook.)

The survey also did that thing Japanese surveys love to do, which is to break down the results by prefecture, so we can see at a glance who the most constipated prefecture in Japan is. It’s Kyoto, by the way. Must be something in the water.

Via PR Times

Feature photo via Shutterstock, inset photo via lipstickalley.com

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