University Lecturer Arrested for Repeatedly Attacking Ambulances

As a late contender for the most selfish man of 2014 award let us introduce Tetsuji Hirayama, a 54-year-old lecturer at Tsukuba University arrested last week for interfering with public servants in the execution of their duties. The public servants: Paramedics; his way of interfering: Kicking a parked ambulance.

Though this is his first arrest, the Basil Fawlty-style assault is just the latest of 12 incidents in the past six years. On previous occasions he’s verbally abused rescue workers and even jumped in front of an ambulance as it drove down the street, yelling “Baaaka! Baaaka!” (“Stuuupid! Stuuupid!”).

"That'd best not be another group of people trying to help someone while I'm working"

Hirayama’s reaction to videos of people receiving emergency medical care (pic: Shutterstock)

When asked about his motives, Hirayama told the police, “The sirens are loud so I don’t like ambulances. I just happened to see one stopped, so I kicked it.” Unfortunately none of the officers showed his lack of restraint regarding kicking things they don’t like.


Source: Yomiuri Shimbun via Rocket News

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