Products: Now You Can Make Latte Art Even if You’re Not a Hipster Barista from Williamsburg

Look dudes, being able to make a great latte complete with a cute drawing of Hello Kitty adorning the foam is second only to being able to make a great cocktail when it comes to suave ways to invite a lady to come over to your place without her immediately having American Psycho flashbacks.

Unfortunately, latte art is one of those talents that takes a lot of effort to really pick up – unless you’re a hipster from Williamsburg, in which case it’s an innate skill that just comes to you in a flash the first time you apply mustache wax un-ironically.

For the rest of us, there was basically no hope… Until now!

Toy and novelty goods maker TakaraTomy Arts has introduced these sets of clever latte art templates – called Deco Latte – that require almost zero effort. All you need do is prepare a cup of coffee or a subpar latte and drop the decorative disc on top. The disc will dissolve, leaving only the design behind. Do it behind closed doors, and your guests will never know!

They may be a little freaked out about your obscure Japanese mascot character obsession, though:



via TakaraTomy Arts

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