Miyazaki Comes Out of Anime Retirement, Now Working on Short Film

About this time last year, Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki announced that he was retiring from the world of anime, sending fans into a post Grave of the Fireflies-viewing melancholy, but it now seems he’s changed his mind. We’d hate to gloat and say we called it, so we’re just going to leave this link here and nod casually in its direction: “Ghibli’s Miyazaki (Probably) Retiring (For Real, You Guys)“.

The good news came while Miyazaki was visiting LA to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He told a reporter from the Associated Press, “I’m going to continue making anime until I die,” and also went on to reveal he’s currently in the planning stages of a short film which will be screened at the Ghibli Museum’s Saturn Theatre in Kichijoji.

One of many celebrations across the Ghibliverse upon hearing the news

One of many celebrations across the Ghibliverse upon hearing the news

Unfortunately Miyazaki still insists that he’s leaving feature-length movies to the next generation of animators, but we’ll take a short movie. For now…

While you wait for the short film to be released, you can get your fix of Ghibli from these ten artistic tributes to their movies, a selection of real places that inspired Ghibli locations, and a fan-made video compilation that’ll make you want to watch the entire collection again.

Via: Io9

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