Video: “Pancake Artist” Pancake-ifies all the Pokemon

ScreenHunter_78 Nov. 10 08.45

Odds are you’ve already seen at least one of those videos where a guy uses a squeeze bottle to make “pancake art” by perfectly timing the way the pancake cooks to create lines in various stages of golden brown.

It turns out a lot, or possibly all, of those videos came from a guy calling himself Dr. Dancakes – and with a name like that, it’s no wonder he was destined to become the world’s first and only holder of a doctorate in pancake art.

Well, Dr. Dancakes recently answered the primal urge, which we’ve all had at least once, to “Catch ‘Em All,” by pancake-ifying all 151 of the original lineup of Pokemon. After the creation of the below video, we like to think the good doctor then dressed like Ash Ketchum and slowly, and with great gusto, consumed all 151 of the Pokecakes in front of his young child.

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