Shimane’s Women Have Most Beautiful Skin in Japan


Cosmetics manufacturer Pola Inc. have named the women of Shimane winners of their annual “Japan Beautiful Skin Prefecture Grand Prix” for the third year running. Rather than just have Ken from marketing – who’s travelled all over – rate them himself, a total of 590,000 women from all 47 prefectures underwent a skin analysis process to determine the results.

The radiant goddesses of Kochi and Ehime took second and third, while the troll-like residents of Shiga, Tochigi and Gunma crawled bleary-eyed out from under their bridges to be ranked 45th, 46th and 47th respectively.

Stunning scenery in Gunma

Stunning scenery in Gunma (pic: Shutterstock)

It’s not all bad news for the prefectures lower down the list, however. Analysis showed that the top three owed their success to a shorter duration of sunlight and higher levels of humidity – the first making skin less prone to damage, the second maintaining optimal moisture levels – effectively sacrificing an enjoyable climate for their beautiful skin rather than simply bathing in sake.

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