More Amazing Chalkboard Art to Put Your Classroom Doodles to Shame

So it’s been a while since we posted our first series of chalkboard art from Japanese high school students. At the time, we had no idea if the chalkboard art thing would turn into a trend across Japan or fizzle out; the product of a handful of eccentric and bored art class kids.

Turns out the kids that are into it are still going strong with their (primarily anime-inspired, of course) chalkboard art, pushing the envelope with increasingly gorgeous and complex compositions. So, we decided to round up some of the newer ones and share them with you.

For every gorgeous piece captured on camera, we wonder how many were scrubbed into oblivion by angry Social Studies teachers before they could be digitally immortalized.

chalkart8 chalkart3 chalkart4 chalkart10 chalkart5 chalkart11 chalkart12 chalkart17 chalkart16 chalkart13 chalkart14 chalkart9 chalkart15 chalkart7 chalkart6 chalkart1 chalkart2

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