Redditors in Japan Post Pictures From Their Windows, Provide Little Windows into Their Lives

Here at Tokyo Desu, nestled in our trash heap beneath the Yamanote line, we can only dream what it must be like to live somewhere in Japan with a view, but at least we’re close enough to a Starbucks to use their wifi. Using that internet access we came across this Reddit post, in which one person asked anyone living in Japan to post pictures of the view from their window.

“thegoldenlam” explains that he/she/it (on the internet nobody knows you’re a dog) is a student living in the United States but hopes to travel to Japan one day. Rather than just Googling (as some replies had helpfully recommended) they “wanted to see pictures which hold sentimental value and special meaning to that person. I wanted to interact with those people. Google images can’t do that for me. :)”

The responses flooded in, providing their own little windows into the lives in Japan of those that uploaded them.

aonsager: “Now is a very pretty time in Kyoto”


UPGRAYEDD_2: “I’ll share my Full Japan story

View 1 – Balcony view from first apartment in Japan (I was on the JET Program in Shikoku)”


“View 2 – Window view from 1st Tokyo apartment (Shinagawa)”


“View 3 – Balcony shot from current Tokyo apartment (Shibuya)”

shibuya balcony

biwook: “One of the oddest buildings of Tokyo is right in front of my balcony.

But more interestingly, there are 7 love hotels in my street, which makes smoking a cigarette on my balcony a lot more interesting. I like to look at all the couples walking out of them, and try to guess what kind of relationship they have from the way they act. Holding hands? Awww, cute couple. Walking awkwardly 5 meters away from each other? Something fishy going on there. Guy alone? Owww, ya blew it. Middle aged balding guy in a suit with a girl half his age? Creepy. Two girls together? Damn.”

weird building

miraoister: “prepared to be blown away…”


SecretCatPolicy: “From the bedroom. I live in Nagano-ken”


stolemyheartandmycat: “About 40km outside of Hiroshima. My neighbors have this really pretty garden that puts my tiny, unkempt yard to shame.”


248_RPA: “In Tokyo. This was taken in September. It’s a sunset view from my balcony, looking towards Roppongi. The Mori Tower is just out of camera to the right.”


cutthroat-finch: “Got our first snow in Akita over the weekend.”

akita snow

MainFrameX: “Looking at the East China Sea from Okinawa”

east china sea

Nipplefinger: “Here’s Fuji from my office window”

fuji office


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