Japanese Team of Artists Creates, Sells the Most Intricate Flipbooks You’ve Ever Seen

ScreenHunter_84 Nov. 20 13.23

A small team of dedicated Japanese artists have put together a series of flipbooks that are so mind-blowingly intricate and finely detailed, they have to be seen to be believed.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any video so we’ll just have to describe it to you over the next four pages of text…

Just kidding, here’s the video:

As you can see, the artists go above and beyond what you’d typically see in a flipbook (usually a stick figure pooping) by adding a bunch of meta-art flair like holes actually cut into the pages of the book to look like windows, burn marks and more as you flip through the pages. It’s pretty cool stuff! Although it does still suffer from the medium’s technical limitation of the last five or six pages just sort of flopping out of your hand all at once, so we hope there’s not some kind of big reveal at the end.

You can even get your hands on your own copy right here at Amazon Japan.

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