New Magic Powder Makes Your Beer Taste Fruity and (maybe) Delicious

It’s a well-known fact that it’s feminine to actually enjoy the way things taste. Real men may gaze longingly at a brightly-coloured, delicious fruit sour or cocktail, but whatever flat, urine-tinted nama beer the izakaya is currently serving must eventually be ordered. Those are the rules.

Food manufacturers Ajigen know the rules, and that’s why they’ve come up with a product to help make cheap beer taste better (and good beer taste bad, no doubt). Their Magic Extract that Makes Beer More Delicious is… well, informatively named.

ajigen beer

Released on December 2nd at ¥350 for eight packs, the stir-in powders will come in four flavours: lime, orange and grapefruit, mango, and malt. Unfortunately they’ll almost certainly taste like that awful fruit beer you once bought in a regretful moment of adventurousness, but we’ll give them a try regardless.


Via: At Press

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