Gallery: Japan Proves They can do the Internet too with Hilarious Cartoon Cat Eyes Meme

Usually, the words “Japan” and “Meme” only come together when Japan is inadvertently providing meme fodder for the rest of us with its crazy antics and hilarious Engrish. In fact, it wouldn’t be entirely untrue to say that Japan sort of helped start memes in general by, between Impossibru Guy, All Your Base Are Belong to Us and Meanwhile in Japan…, unwittingly spawning some of the Internet’s first ever memes.

Japan has been decidedly less lucky in creating its own globe-spanning meme successes from scratch, but that may be all about to change with this hilarious cartoon cat eyes meme that’s been making the Japanese Internet rounds. Will this be the one to show the west once and for all that Japan Can Haz Internet, too?


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